Favorite Author Feature: Laurie Halse Anderson

In 2017 I shared Favorite Book Features on my favorite books. This year I started a new series—features on my favorite authors! I’m going to return to my favorite books shelf and look into some of my favorite authors. I’ll share about their books I’ve read and why they’re an awesome author. Today’s featured author is the incomparable Laurie Halse Anderson!

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Favorite Author Feature: Laurie Halse Anderson

Laurie Halse Anderson is a New York Times-Bestselling author. She writes for kids and teens, and writes both contemporary and historical ficiton. Her books feel so true to life and have a way of putting real faces and heart-wrenching stories on the sometimes undefinable problems that teenagers face today. I’ve read all of her books for teens except for the Seeds of America Trilogy.

While I wouldn’t say that Twisted or Catalyst were very memorable, I truly enjoyed reading Prom, Fever, 1793, The Impossible Knife of Memory, and Wintergirls. And, of course, Speak is my favorite book. And I think I like the graphic novel of Speak (with art by Emily Carroll) even more than the original version. Click on the book titles to check out my reviews of Anderson’s books.

As you can see, I own a lot of editions of Speak.

I recently read Anderson’s newest book: Shout, which is a memoir in poems. I loved getting a look “behind the scenes,” learning her history and what led to her writing Speak.

I got to meet Laurie Halse Anderson in 2016

I had the opportunity to meet Anderson in 2016 when she came to speak at a local bookstore as part of her tour for Ashes. In person, she bubbles up with passion for her subjects. She is a fierce advocate for the unheard, and an incredible writer that inspires me every day.

Have you read any of Laurie Halse Anderson’s books? Which ones are your favorites?

What I’m Reading – Prom by Laurie Halse Anderson

Laurie Halse Anderson continues to amaze me with each book of hers that I read. Prom is no exception. With Prom, Anderson gives a character that you can really relate to. Ashley is a “normal” girl. She doesn’t care too much about school, she has a large family, she has a crappy job and an even crappier boyfriend, and she really doesn’t care about the prom.

Her best friend, Natalia, however, is on the prom committee and is devastated when the math teacher steals all of the prom money. Then Ashley finds herself roped into helping her school put on the prom anyway with no budget and just about everything against them. Prom is truly a modern Cinderella story, as Ashley makes it to the ball despite everything and learns a lot about what she wants for her life.

Prom, like all of Anderson’s books, pulls you in with its unique voice and doesn’t let you go. I couldn’t put the book down. What I really enjoyed about this book was how real it felt. I felt like I was in Ashley’s school with her, and all I wanted was to help her find the right path for her life. Plus it made me laugh out loud that the slippers she wore to the ball/prom were, in fact, slippers.

Laurie Halse Anderson has quickly become one of my favorite authors and is such an influence on my own writing, and I just found out that she’s coming to Dayton on a book tour in a of couple weeks. I can’t believe I get to meet her!

Prom by Laurie Halse Anderson