My Favorite Epistolary Novels

Epistolary novels are stories told through documents. These novels can be made up of anything from letters and diary entries to online messages and newspaper articles. Instead of traditional narration, epistolary novels emerge from a series of these documents. I’ve always enjoyed reading them because they’re a different way to tell a story. And I’ve … Continue reading My Favorite Epistolary Novels

How Music Can Help You Write

Sometimes silence is a good thing for writers. I love to sit with my dog and look out the window together, letting my mind wander and brainstorm. But most of the time I’m listening to music. And I think there are many benefits to listening to music while you write. I’ve always felt that different … Continue reading How Music Can Help You Write

5 Tips on Starting a Writing Project

Writing a novel is a daunting task. Starting with nothing but an idea and a blank page, you have to come up with thousands of words to tell a story. Hours of brainstorming, world-building, drafting, and editing are before you, and it’s one of the scariest places to be. I’m at the beginning right now. … Continue reading 5 Tips on Starting a Writing Project