About Me

When I was in middle school, I was in a writing competition organization called Power of the Pen. I didn’t fare well in the competition, as having to write from prompts in a timed, test-like environment is something I’ve never been good at (just ask my ACT writing score…). But what I took from that time was the name of the organization—Power of the Pen.

I think I’m lucky to have learned this lesson when I was only fourteen years old. As Morissa Schwartz puts it, “Some writers are afraid to call themselves writers for the same reason many artists are afraid to label themselves artists.” I feel blessed that I found out early on what power a pen holds and that I can call myself a writer because of it.

Stories have always had a power over me. Characters are my friends. Plots are my adventures. Every emotion expressed makes me feel alive. And creating stories of my own just makes all of these better. And more.

I discovered I had a power if I wrote. I could change things and make a difference with my stories. If they were helping me in my own life so much, I figured I could help others too.

It has been a long journey to get where I am today. After fifty notebooks containing only the first two pages of stories, two manuscripts that didn’t go anywhere, a contest-winning story, my becoming a Christian, my getting married, a college degree in creative writing, and a chance to talk with one of my favorite authors, I finally have a novel that was published by GenZ Publishing-Somewhere Only We Know. And I couldn’t be more grateful for where the power of the pen has taken me.

My table at the Dayton Book Expo

I’ll use this blog to give updates on my book and on books to come, talk about what I’m writing and reading, give writing advice and inspiration, and talk about how my faith affects all of these.

Feel free to contact me at brimarinowrites@gmail.com!

You can also find me on Twitter (@brimarinowrites), Facebook (facebook.com/brimarinowrites), and Instagram (@brimarinowrites).

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