Why I Love Engage City Church

I love my church.

My husband and I looked for a really long time to find the right church for us. We had been involved with a church on campus at Wright State, and we really loved spending time with the people of that church, but we knew it wasn’t quite the right fit for us. We also tried going to a local non-denominational one for a while, but when its lead pastor left we did too.

Church-less, we struggled in our young marriage. We both wanted God to be the center of our lives, but we didn’t have the right home to go to to feed that relationship with our Lord.

All of that changed mid-September last year.

Our good friends and then neighbors posted about this brand new church they were going to—Engage City Church. I checked out their website and knew that Jacob and I had to try it out. And our lives haven’t been the same. So I want to brag about my church for a little bit.

Engage 3.jpg
Engage City Church

Engage City Church launched on September 18th, 2016 with the lead pastor Doug Wampler and the worship pastor Zach Cogley. What started out as two families coming together with the call to start a church and bring Jesus to the city of Huber Heights, Ohio has turned into an incredible church body. In the seven months of Engage, 148 people have come to Jesus and 74 have been baptized. On April 16th last year they had their first team meeting about the church, and a year later on the week before Easter over 400 people attended the Worship Experience. Engage is changing lives. But it’s not about the numbers. Engage is all about spreading the love of Jesus.

Jacob and I get so much encouragement every time we go to our various small groups—City Men, City Ladies, and our newlywed City Group. We have recently started serving during the Sunday Worship Experiences and we love it. Jacob helps out with the tech crew and I take care of little ones in the nursery.

One of the best parts about Engage City Church is all of the community outreach and serving they do for the city of Huber Heights. Engage has delivered Thanksgiving meals and Christmas presents, had a pink out for breast cancer survivors, given food for students to eat over the weekends, created Blessing Bags to give to those in need, collected winter coats and socks, had a For Our City walk, and so many other things that I can’t think of all of them right now. I’m blown away by all of the good our church has done. I’m so glad I get these chances to love on and serve people.

And next weekend I am so excited for Easter. Engage is putting on Egg the City, a 50,000 egg Easter egg hunt. There’s even going to be prizes for the parents that bring their kids to the hunt, and special prize eggs for kids to find. I am so excited to help out with this event.

Engage 2
Egg the City

As you can see, Engage City Church is incredible. If you are in the Dayton area, come join us Sundays at Wayne High School at 11am and see just how amazing this church is. And definitely be sure to check out the Egg the City Easter Egg Hunt Saturday, April 15th starting at 10am and Engage’s Easter Worship Experiences Saturday, April 15th at 6pm and Sunday, April 16th at 11am.

Engage 1
Easter at Engage City Church

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